Impacting & Engaging - tackling The '4P's' Of Mental Health 

Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues (TAMHI) is a Belfast based mental health awareness charity that was set up in 2011 to train sports groups about the power of sport to promote positive mental health.  An Impact Evaluation was conducted by Cruinn from 2014-2017 providing data and evidence of the significant impact the charity has made during these four years.  The evaluation was set within the context of the charity’s overarching 'Mental Health, Well-Being & Sport’ Strategic Plan (2014-2017) which sets out the key goals and objectives upon which the charity is measuring its targets, key performance indicators and overall progress. Based on primary and secondary research sources the evaluation evidenced the following key outcomes and impacts were achieved as a result of TAMHI's charitable activities.

Key Outcomes:                                                                                                                      

· TAMHI's bottom-up community development approach is its key success driver                                                                                                     with 116 groups engaged and 44 alliances formed to date.

TAMHI stakeholders are all positively engaged in their experience through working                                                                                                 directly to deliver 17 awareness events and 44 training talks to over 4,000 individuals.

TAMHI Impact Infographic

TAMHI Impact Infographic

· TAMHI's mental health awareness is highly effective and influential on social media, community and press coverage of campaigns e.g. #ItsOKtotalk, #TalktoTAMHI, #KOMentalHealth reaching over 300,000 followers, readers and influencers.

· TAMHI's use of sport to reach young people in local communities and schools positively engaged and delivered 17 community and 17 outreach programmes.

· TAMHI policy, people, programmes and partnership projects are welcomed and highly regarded with high satisfaction levels by the majority of beneficiaries with over 3,500 community engagements.

Key Impacts:

· TAMHI's outreach engagement strategy has influenced major NI/UK sports bodies including Sport NI, Street Games UK plus AWARE, ASCERT and Lighthouse mental health charities.

· TAMHI uses evidence-based tools representing international impact best practice in mental health e.g. Child Youth Resilience Measure, NPC Well-Being, et al.

· TAMHI work has influenced the Northern Ireland ‘Review of Mental Health in Sport’.

· TAMHI has impacted on 116 sports clubs or groups to directly influence their                                                                                                       mental health policies and programmes across Greater Belfast and beyond.

· TAMHI has reached and influenced groups as far away as Dublin, London, Toronto and                                                                                       Sao Paulo through its outreach engagement strategy with international partners and alliances.

· TAMHI has leveraged £300,000 of investment for sports clubs and community groups across Belfast.

TAMHI supports sports clubs and community groups to develop the ‘4P’s’ – Policy, People, Programmes and Partnerships – an approach that is underpinned by the charity's core aims.  This was borne through multi-method stakeholder consultations carried out by Cruinn which asked what made TAMHI different, why it is unique from other mental health charities working in the sector and what key differences and impacts it was making across communities. The impact has led to significant funding support from trusts and foundations including Tudor Trust, Sported Foundation, Peter Harrison Foundation, Building Change Trust plus a number of grants secured from Councils and Sport NI.  This Impact Evaluation illustrates the significant outcomes and impacts of TAMHI’s efforts and work to date and the charity is well positioned to scale its reach and social impact even further by 2020 with its innovative and grassroots approach to tackling mental health.