What geographical Areas do Cruinn Cover?

Cruinn Associates are based in Belfast.  Whislt we work primarily across the UK & Ireland,  we operate across the global economy due to the nature of our work.  Therefore, we are available for all relevant and associated works across Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South Americas.  Cruinn currently work in sterling (£), euros (€) and dollars($).


What fields do Cruinn work in?

Cruinn Associates have domain expertise within Innovation, Investment and Impact fields.  Our clients range from corporates and charities, foundations and trusts, to social enterprises and small-medium enterprises.  Cruinn works across multiple sectors, industries and markets.  We also work on a range of social, economic and cultural issues on behalf our valued clients.


Why would i choose cruinn?

Cruinn Associates are an independent professional services provider.  We value our independence as do our clients.  We do not attach ourselves to any third parties nor do we represent any other professional services,  research practices or consulting brands.     Cruinn offer high quality services delivered by experienced, competent and qualified professionals.  

Our vision is of a world where everyone can profit with purpose. 

Our mission is to enable organisations to innnovate and invest for optimal impact.

Our values in working with our clients are based on integrity, trust, respect and  never, ever promising on anything that we cannot deliver.


How Do I Make A Complaint?

Cruinn Associates has an 'open door' policy regarding client complaints.  If a client is not happy or satisfied with our services provided they have a right to complain either verbally or in writing via email or formal letter.  .However, we trust that if any compliant is made by a client it is done so early in engagement and a client has a right to withdraw from any services provided by giving notice in writing with a 30-day notice period (unless otherwise agreed).


How Do I Become An Associate?

Cruinn Associates occassionally welcomes new associates whom bring knowledge and expertise to our business.  We can receive applications with professional curriculum vitaes.  So if you are nterested in our work and feel you can add value to our business please email: contactus@cruinn.co.uk.