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A recent selection of cases from our work with clients across our diverse porfolio within varied fields and sectors from corporates to charities, trusts to foundations and social enterprises to local councils.  As a client succinctly complemented us Cruinn are an extended part of their team and so these cases represent both the extent and extended lengths Cruinn go to meet the diverse needs of all our valued clients.


The Young Foundation

 The Young Foundation - A Social Innovation Ecosystem

Social Innovation & Programme Evaluation

The Young Foundation is widely recognised as the pioneers in social innovation.  The foundation launched its flagship Amplify programme in Northern Ireland including '100 Day Challenge’ and ‘Scaling Accelerator’.  Cruinn were commissioned in 2016 to deliver independent external evaluations for both programmes for the main funder Department of Communities.  Our work across an intensive short time period involved engagement with programme participants including leading charities, social enterprises, trusts, community and voluntary sector organisations.  Our multi-method research design included web survey, participant semi-structured and staff qualitative interviews with the programme delivery team in Belfast and London. Read More...

"The report presented the Young Foundation´s interventions and integrated ethnographic research, co-creation of both Challenge and Accelerator programmes into a dynamic evaluation to illustrate movements of transformation aiming to tackle the structural causes of inequality. Cruinn´s methodology engaged with both the project delivery team and programme participants to provide a very good overview and constructive evaluation.  It is a very impressive piece of work in the time we had!".

Kieron Williams, Programme Lead.


Innovate Dublin

 Innovate Dublin - Social Innovation Cycle

Social Innovation & Sustainability Research

Cruinn conducted research for Innovate Dublin (formerly Innovate Ballymun) into the financial sustainability of social enterprises. The aim of the research was to investigate what supports and resources are needed by social enterprises in order to ensure their financial sustainability. Our research recommended that a financial sustainability toolkit be developed to assist social enterprises in sustaining their work was published in a book Innovation In The Social Economy.

"Research was conducted for Innovate Dublin into the financial sustainability of social enterprises to investigate what supports and resources are needed by social enteprises in order to ensure their financial sustainability. Cruinn developed a financial sustainability toolkit to assist social enterprises in sustaining their work and impact across deprived communities".

Annabelle Conway, Social Innovation Manager.


Shell Ireland

                 Sbell Social Performance Process

Social Investment & Social Responsibility

Cruinn were commissioned by Shell Ireland to measure and evaluate its €7M Community Investment programmes from 2009-2014. Working with the Social Investment & Performance team we measured the social return these programmes generated.  We also evaluated the wider community impacts through Shell and its partners’ social investment for the benefit of local communities across the Erris region of Co. Mayo.  Our work informed the future Social Investment strategy for Shell Ireland from 2016-2020 and fitted in with Royal Dutch Shell’s global social investment and performance framework and associated KPIs.  In addition, we conducted a benchmark analysis of Shell’s social investment strategy against the top 25 corporate social responsibility companies operating across Ireland.  Read More...

"Shell Ireland are now considering how we amend our strategy to reflect the inputs from Cruinn's work and we're happy to sign-off on the final report. Once again thank you for your professionalism, it is much appreciated".                  

Alan Mee, Social Performance Manager.



Tech For Good & Innovation Investment

Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues (TAMHI) is a Belfast based mental health awareness charity that was set up in 2011 to train sports groups about the power of sport to promote positive mental health.  Having initially supported the fledgling charity at a Social Innovation ‘Bootcamp’ in late 2014 when the initial idea of a mobile ‘app’ was hatched from the ideation process.  The idea developed to fruition in 2015 when TAMHI was selected for a ‘Techies in Residence Programme’ where a prototype was successfully developed and tested.  Cruinn were tasked with preparing a business case and options appraisal to seek funding to further develop the app towards a final product downloadable to smartphones for use by clubs and their members.  Cruinn have also completed a 4-year Impact Evaluation of the charity's work 2014-2017. TAMHI has since secured additional social nvestments from a range of philanthropic and social finance trusts across the UK and Ireland.  Read More...

"Cruinn prepared a business case and options appraisal for follow-on investment which we have pursued with philantropic and social investors across the UK and Ireland. They have also become our evaluation partner in measuring the social impact of the charity's wider work across comunities facing mental health issues due to chronic under-investment and social deprivation.  They get what TAMHI are about and understand our mission and purpose which is equally important to us".                                    

Joe Donnelly, Founder.


Foyle Women’s Aid

Systems Design & Social Investment

Foyle Women’s Aid is a charity set up in 1976 to tackle domestic violence and abuse in the North Western region of Northern Ireland.  Cruinn were commissioned to deliver an independent investment analysis to evaluate the social return of its innovative new Family Justice Centre - 'One Safe Place'.   The charity contextualised a service design model from the US/EU as a new model of justice for domestic violence and abuse.  The proposed centre will place multiple agencies from legal, policing, justice, education and advocacy all under one roof with wraparound services with victims at the centre.  Cruinn forecasted the future social value of the new centre to be opened in 2018.  The charity secured £5 million investment from a range of social investors across the UK and the return shows a payback period within the first few years of operation.

"This is a very exciting and innovative project which will change the way victims of domestic and sexual abuse are supported. This will be the first of its kind in Ireland and will lead the way in future working with victims of abuse. 'One Safe Place' brings together a broad range of specialist services, removing barriers and gaps in service provision. It is based on best practice and had has been tried and tested in USA and EU. Cruinn's research has validated our business model and £5M investment to show social value to investors and stakeholders".  

Marie Brown, Director.


Royal National Institute of Blind People

Social Impact & Project Evaluation

RNIB is the leading UK charity for those with sight loss. Working with the senior management team since 2013 Cruinn have evaluated two BIG Lottery NI funded projects. ‘Looking Forward’ for older persons (2013-2017) and ‘Family Insight’ for families of children with sight loss (2016-2020).  Both projects are delivered regionally across Northern Ireland.  Our work involved research and methodology design, multiple stakeholder engagement with project partners and quantitative research methods with project beneficiaries including use of validated measurement tools CORE-34 and Outcomes Stars©, respectively.  Cruinn continue to work on evaluating the outcomes and impacts of both projects and regularly report to steering groups of professionals and stakeholders.

""We've been working with Cruinn Associates for over three years now and we consider them an extended part of our team.  They are rigourous with data and evidence outcomes and impacts of our projects in a professional and clearly communicated manner. We 'look forward' to continuing our working relationship with them as independent external evaluators on these and future projects”.                                     

Ursula Ferguson, Senior Manager.


The Prince's Trust

Service Design & Impact Investment

The Prince’s Trust is a UK wide charity that set up in by HRH Prince of Wales in 1976 to help disadvantaged young people into employment and training.  Cruinn were commissioned to deliver an independent external evaluation of its ‘Get Started’ Programme (2012-2017) for the funder, BIG Lottery Fund.  The Prince’s Trust devised a service design model that was defined and driven by the needs of young people and purposefully designed as a short-term intervention model.  The programme offered young people aged 16-20 years old the opportunity to engage in a range of course themes over a 5-day period plus avail of follow-up mentoring support, training and employment opportunities.  Cruinn conducted a creative and innovative evaluation methodology capturing the programme’s outcomes and impacts over a 5-year period and Trust used the evidence to secure follow-on investment from main funder. 

"The Prince’s Trust would like to thank Cruinn Associates for the evaluation of the Get Started programme which has provided independent and informed analysis that will influence both the operational and strategic decision making for future delivery. The evaluation findings as outlined in the final report are of vital importance as we look to secure future funding for the programme".                              

Andy Adair, Head of Finance


Action On Hearing Loss

Social Research & Impact Investment

Action on Hearing Loss is the leading UK charity for those with hearing loss. Cruinn were commissioned to measure the social impact of the charity's information outreach provision across Northern Ireland with a view to providing an independent evidence base towards a major fundraising drive.  Working with the senior management team Cruinn delivered a robust social research and methodology design, outreach engagement research with stakeholders and beneficiaries and quantitative research methods with including multi-variate statistical analysis.  Cruinn evaluated the social impact of the organisation’s community outreach information service and reported our findings as part of its national fundraising strategy.  The charity secured £1 million investment in 2016 from BIG Lottery Fund to rollout the information service across the UK and NI.  Read More...

""We are delighted that the Big Lottery Fund have awarded us this money to help us to reach the 1 in 6 living with hearing loss in Northern Ireland who may be feeling isolated due to their hearing loss. Through our existing face-to-face work across the country, we have seen many people’s quality of life greatly improved with our support, whether this is through giving guidance on specialist equipment, learning to lip-read or simply having a chat about their individual needs.  Cruinn's work gave us the evidence to independently verify our impact”.

Jackie White, Director.


Far And Wild

Social Research & Social Investment

Cruinn were commissioned by Far and Wild CIC in 2013 to provide strategic investment and research support as a new community interest company..  Working closely with the Founder/ Director we followed the brief and terms of reference to meet their needs in researching the Top 20 philanthropic grant-making foundations in UK & Ireland to support its eco-adventure work; identify suitable corporate foundations to approach for strategic sponsorship opportunities; leverage commercial partnerships with corporates supporting environmental issues across Ireland; and set-up meetings with senior executives in philanthropy, corporates and foundations to profile the organisation’s mission.

Cruinn worked with Far and Wild in helping us identify investment support specific to our Community Interest Company designation. They were very comprehensive in their approach and very easy to work with. We're delighted with results of their work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cruinn!”.

Lawrence McBride, Director.