Cruinn Associates are an independent
professional services provider

We work across the for profit and for purpose sectors in the fields of Innovation, Investment and Impact.  We deliver our services with unrivalled quality of delivery to our clients from corporates and charities, trusts and foundations, social enterprises and small-medium sized businesses across the UK & Ireland so that they all profit with purpose.

Insights with Innovation

The ills of the day require new thinking to solve age old societal issues which haven’t as yet quite gone away in today’s fast changing world.  The pace of change means social, economic, technological, environmental and cultural paradigms shift constantly.

Thinking on the problems your organisation’s mission and purpose was set-up to deal with in the first place are often lost along your journey to where you’ve came from and where you want to go in the future or perhaps just lost in translation somewhere along the way.

All organisations need new thinking to solve issues whether social, economic, environmental or cultural. This requires new insights, new ideas, new models, new designs, new solutions and new thinking. Although there’s nothing ‘new’ about innovation it’s just been tagged with a new name, a more novel way of tacking societal problems called 'Social Innovation'.

Cruinn offer solutions to deep rooted social issues by getting inside your organisation’s history and its DNA.  We are purveyors who match passion with purpose, creative minds with mission and insights with innovation.

Returns with Investment

In today’s world of volatile change in markets, economies and countries organisations have to constantly navigate and chart their direction of travel.  Securing or sustaining investment remains a constant challenge especially in times of diminishing resources. 

Whether your organisation is funded by revenues, grants, donations, loans, philanthropy or combined funding cocktails. Whilst new financial models have emerged from social finance, social investment and crowd funding.  This all still means that investments need to be both managed and measured. 

Cruinn offer services on the value, return and impact of investments across a broad portfolio of funds.  From reporting on social value, forecasting social return or measuring social impact of investment programmes. We are analysts who offer diligence over detail, acumen over assessment and rigour over ratios.  

Stories with Impact

Charities, Corporates, Foundations, Social Enterprises, NGOs and SMEs all need to balance their stories with hard impact data. Even if the data doesn’t always tell a good story the learning is still valuable against a noise of competing communication channels. 

Reporting on the journeys of beneficiaries and their distance travelled; measuring outcomes (both hard and soft); using logic models or theories of change to articulate organisation’s interventions, projects or programmes with diminishing resources or in plain speak doing more, with less.

All organisations need transparency in their reporting to funders and stakeholders far beyond traditional audited accounts.  Measuring the value created and impact made is a far more compelling story to share.

Cruinn craft your organisation’s story with facts not fiction, with evidence not emotion, with clarity not clutter. We are storytellers who communicate your story, with transparency and trust, across multiple channels, with impact.